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Buying a Share

New members must contact us prior to sending in an application/agreement.  When we meet our shareholder goal we will stop taking applications. We will post an announcement when memberships are closed. If your application is in the mail during this transition, it will be returned with your payment. At that time you may ask to be placed on our waiting list. Share options and prices change seasonally. Please see membership application for current price and share options. 

Harvest Season:  June - October, 20 Weeks 

Interested in joining Three Pines Farm?  

Head on over to the How to Join page to learn more and get started! 

The HARVEST LOG will show you the variety offered in member’s share boxes.  The types of produce listed can not be guaranteed every season. Environmental conditions such as weather, insect pests, disease, and wildlife damage, always affect the harvest. For example, a cool, wet spring often rots untreated seeds before they germinate. That’s farming!  We promise to do our best to meet your highest expectations by offering an even greater variety every season.

What To Expect

To eat seasonally.

To enjoy fresh, nutritional, organically-grown produce.

To learn to cook something new.

To taste something new.

An easy-going and somewhat laid-back attitude on the farm.

For us to maximize freshness and flavor by harvesting during the early-evening prior to, and in the early-morning of pick–up day.

A few guidelines (Member Protocols) so everyone is happy, and enjoys a safe visit.

Each week a member/shareholder picks up the share size purchased on Saturday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.  If an issue arises and you are unable to pick up at this time arrangements can be made with Farmer Leo to pick up on Tuesday after 4:00 pm.  You must notify Farmer Leo before 3:00 pm on Friday if you need the alternate pickup.  

FULL SHARE: Usually feeds a family of 3-4, or two people who eat a lot of vegetables, cook often, or are vegetarians/vegans.  

HALF SHARE: Plenty for a family of 2-3, or a family that cooks only a few meals a week, or a single vegetarian/vegan. 

Pick-Your-Own (PYO) items are part of the weeks share. You need to make the time to enjoy harvesting. You will be notified of PYO dates as the season progresses. 

Half shares receive less quantity than full shares, and often do not receive all items harvested that week. Shares can be up-graded during the season, if we are harvesting enough to meet requests.

At the start of the season in June, you can expect lesser quantities and fewer items in your share. The garden is usually in full swing by July through October and your share will reflect good harvests. Throughout the entire season, it all balances out.  

What is a Share?


We here at Three Pines Farm pledge to be fair and honest, and to provide each member with a real connection to the farmer who grows their food, and the land he respects.